Digital Forensic Case Management, Improved.


Atlas was designed from the ground up to simplify and consolidate digital forensic case management. Enabling all the parts of your organization work in unison to provide unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in your workflow. With specialized versions for both Law Enforcement and the Private Sector, there is an Atlas to meet every organizations needs.

Perhaps best of all, compatibility is never an issue. The Sentinel platform on which Atlas is built ensures that Atlas works with Mac, PC, Android, iOS.

Key Features

  • Collaborate Globally on Any Case
  • Unlimited Client Base
  • Create Permanent Case Archives
  • Maintain Chain of Custody
  • Complete Exam Documentation
  • Curriculum Vitae Management
  • Assets Management
  • Local or Remote Browser Access
  • Consolidate All Case Information
  • Manage Financial Information
  • Analyze Lab Expenses
  • Manage Grant Documentation
  • Project Expense Accountability
  • Generate Invoices
  • Maintain High Reporting Standards
  • Facilitate Process Review
  • Scalable to Grow with Your Needs
  • Secure 256 bit Encryption
  • The list goes on…

Atlas ICAC

Built by Cops – For Cops

We have relied on our law enforcement experience to develop solutions to benefit our friends in the LE community. The demands for information and statistics come fast, but answers are often lost within numerous disjointed spreadsheets generated throughout the organization. Let Atlas finally bring real-time calm to high paced chaos of digital forensics. Utilizing the same core case management functionality as Atlas for the private sector, the ICAC version adds statistics, budget, cyber tip, and worksheet handling that makes your lab more productive and reporting an ease.

Always Accessible


We understand that digital forensics can take you across the country and across the world.  Your information has to be accessible to you and your team at all times. Unlimited client accounts means that you can build customer relationships and more importantly maintain them by improving the flow of information to the customer. Your clients can stay up to date with the real-time status of their cases by simply logging in from any internet capable computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Global Collaboration


Digital forensic case management has never been simpler yet more powerful.  Collaborate from anywhere in the world with your colleagues and customers. Atlas enables your team to combine every facet of case management as well as asset management, financial tracking and invoicing.  A true end to end product that you will wonder how you did without it.

Easy to Use

Atlas digital forensic case management was designed for ease of use and with the user interface and experience as a high priority. Gone are the confusing and cluttered screens that make up all other case management systems. Each tasks flows smoothly to the next allowing you to do more in less time. You’ll be amazed at how simple can be powerful and you’ll wonder why you ever settled for less.

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