Easily Map Cellular Records from Multiple Carriers

Rapidly Visualize Cellular Data

CERES is a lightweight application that simplifies the process of mapping Call Detail, RTT, Nelos, AU, and other records provided by cell phone companies during the course of an investigation.

Simple Import

A 3 step import process allow you to rapidly import the raw data, with little to no pre-upload manipulation of the data. Have a special situation with unique data? Let us know and we can help!

Powerful Display

Once the data has been imported you can create custom markers and shapes to highlight important areas and locations. Quickly change the appearance of the mapped data allowing a completely customized map of your data.

View or Export

An all inclusive application, CERES allows you to view and manipulate the data and map directly from within the program.  But don’t worry, you can also always export the data to csv or kml for sharing with others.

Now Available

CERES is ready to go.

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