Rapid Development

Applications That Work as Hard as You Do

1. Collect    2. Organize    3. Report


Organizations of any size can benefit from an improved workflow to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.  Many solutions currently available are either too complicated for the end user or inadequate and inflexible to allow for future growth. We recognize the need information systems that can be easily and rapidly deployed yet robust enough for the most demanding use.

A Sentinel Data system is built on a solid framework that allows for rapid customization to meet your specific needs. Once deployed upgrades and additions can be made on the fly with minimum downtime allowing your system to adapt to your evolving needs.

Applications that just work

All our applications are designed from the ground up.  This approach allows us to make systems that are both powerful and user friendly.

Critical incidents have enough challenges. With no special software to install on a users computers, you can initiate operations quickly and easily and avoid all interface conflicts.  Across the globe authenticated users can access the system by desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Our systems are inherently compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.

Search Everything

Actionable intelligence is more important than ever. Our robust system can help you collect, organize, and locate vital information using keyword and meta searches. Sentinel Data Systems ensure that you stay organized spending less time searching and more time getting answers.