Business Compliance Made Easy

REVEOS is a robust web based platform that simplifies the rapid auditing of business compliance.  Whether you are on a desktop computer, tablet, or phone you can quickly access business records at the office or in the field. We constantly add new records from a variety of sources to provide a wealth of information to help you make informed decisions.

Every day almost 700 new website domains are registered in Virginia alone.  Many of these are income producing sites that have a competitive edge versus traditional businesses. By operating entirely online, many stay under the radar and avoid business license and tax requirements. REVEOS allows you to maintain a level playing field for businesses by discovering, auditing, and communicating with these businesses in a way never before possible.

“..a good tool to help us ensure compliance to our local tax laws. Even if many of the businesses found by the system have business licenses, that’s fine; that’s good feedback. More importantly, this tool helps us find businesses that are not in compliance and are not visible to us.”
– City of Charlottesville

Start improving your business compliance immediately and locate lost revenue you likely aren’t even aware exists. Locating even a handful of out of compliance business means that REVEOS pays for itself. The data you need is waiting for you, contact us today at to get started!